About us


Why choose Ghoempie?


At Ghoempie our teachers and assistants take pride in looking after your little ones. Besides possessing the necessary early childhood and development qualifications, we are compassionate, loving and eager to hear all about the goings on that our little Ghoempies love to share with us. Ghoempie has a hands on principal in Wilna Snyman who took officially opened Ghoempie in January 2007. 6 years later we have gone from strength to strength and have incorporated all of the necessary curriculum features to prepare our little Ghoempies for “big school”. All the while, we have been accepting new Ghoempies whose older brothers and sisters joined us as babies and graduated to big school last year.


At Ghoempie we are constantly upgrading our facilities to ensure that our little Ghoempies receive all of the extramural exposure that their active little bodies can manage. We have age appropriate games and learning tools that encourage little ones to explore their world and gain confidence at their own pace. We have added Playball and Ballet to our list of available extra murals while throughout the year Ghoempies can expect visits from clowns, puppeteers and petting zoos to name a few.


We are very passionate about hygiene and ensure that our premises are always germ and bacteria free. All of our Ghoempies bottles, utensils, clothes, blankets, sheets and sleeping mats are always washed and sterile. We keep our carpets and tiles hygienically clean at all times. We have recently added shade netting to protect our little Ghoempie’s delicate skin from the sun when they play outside in our freshly paved play area. We have a number of age appropriate jungle gyms, scooters and play toys that encourage our Ghoempies to be active and release the boundless energy they seem to have constantly on tap.