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School Information


Please note that for all administration related matters our office hours are from 08:00 – 16:00 however our school times are from 06:00 – 18:00.

Ghoempie Matters

We accept Ghoempies from ages 4 months until 5 years. We have age appropriate classes with higher teacher to student ratios for younger Ghoempies. As such we cannot accept more Ghoempies than we have have cots for in the baby class as babies require more individual attention. Ghoempies may be dropped off any time between 06:00 am and 7:50am. Their day begins at 8:00am. We ask that in the best interests of your Ghoempie, that parents depart after a brief good-bye, in order for the children to begin their classroom activities which start promptly at 8:00am. The importance of this is related to the fact that we need any separation to be handled as positively as possible. Departing parents will therefore not disturb the classroom and the Ghoempies who are already settled. Each Ghoempie is to be accompanied into the school by an adult.

Daily Program

06:00                  Open
08:15                  Breakfast
08:30                  Medication and brush teeth
08:45                  Bible stories, songs, rhymes
09:00                  Work in different classrooms
09:30                  Teatime
09:45                  Work in different classrooms
10:00                  Toilet routine and nappy change
10:30                   Play inside or outside
11:00                   Wash hands and get ready for lunch
11:15                    Lunch
11:45                    Toilette routine
12:00                   Sleep
14:00                   Snack time
14:30                   Play inside or outside
15:15                   Toilet routine and nappy change
15:30                   Get ready to go home
18:00                  Close

The program is flexible and can be altered depending on the weather or other extra-mural activities we may have planned.


Our fees for 2013 are R1250 per month  for full day children and RXXX for half day Ghoempies.Ghoempies are fed breakfast and lunch and parents are required to put in a yoghurt/juice and afternoon fruit for their Ghoempies.

A once of registration fee of RXXX is required on acceptance, while an annual stationery fee of R80 is required for the Ghoempies progress book.